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5 Online Sales Secrets Your Competitors Don’t Want You to Learn

While you may be a rock star at face-to-face sales, how well is your business’ website performing? Is it attracting visitors? Is it developing leads? Is it converting prospects into customers? Does your website help your business increase its bottom line? Internet users can be a goldmine for your business, but only if you know […]

Stylish And Effective Ways To Hit Your Target And Go Global

Expanding a business is easier now through using the internet as a medium to market products and services. For your online marketing campaign to be really effective, you have to make sure that your web site is not just visually entertaining but informative as well. You also need to make it something that will attract […]

How To Decide Between Evergreen & Trending Content – The Age-Old Dilemma Of Durability Vs Relevance

When it comes down to writing content, you have two basic options: you can write content that will last forever, or you can write content that is popular right now. Evergreen Content Evergreen content is the name given to content that can last for an extended period of time. This content usually contains information that […]

Community Manager’s Guide To Success With Online Review Sites

Community managers have a long list of responsibilities. They’re in charge of company blogs, company social accounts and even company online review sites. Most community managers are more skilled in managing social media sites and maintaining blogs, but knowing how to manage online review sites is still a responsibility they need to handle successfully. If […]

The Benefit Of QR Code Marketing For Small Business

To survive in the current economy, small businesses have had to either improve their marketing acumen or risk having to close their business doors forever. With technology increasingly becoming important even for the smallest of shops, one would be remiss not to keep up with what will work in today’s environment. Before one dismisses this […]

What Your Website Says About Your Medical Practice

If you’ve been wondering about the effect a website can have on your medical practice, then you need to see things through the eyes of your website’s visitors. A website can have a great affect on whether or not a potential patient decides to call for an appointment and generic design, stock images, and poorly […]

The Top Five Social Media Blunders To Avoid

In this day and age, it’s imperative that businesses have a social media presence. Social media interaction may be of greater importance in some industries than in others. However, all businesses need an agile platform for communicating with their customers. Social media can be this platform, but companies need to be careful with social media […]

Lawyers Can Tweet Too! Three Ways Lawyers Can Use Social Media

Move over, strangely memorable daytime television commercials for law firms. There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to legal marketing, and it may not be the one you’ve expected. Some people seem to think that social media is a trend for teenagers, but in truth, 86% of adults use some form of […]

Choose A Transparent SEO Company To Be Sure They Are Playing By The Rules

In the past SEO was considered as a way of cheating the system. Links were paid for, key word stuffing was everywhere and for the average user it was a nightmare. These days first place rankings must be earnt though on site optimisation and off site content marketing. When looking for an SEO company to […]

Using Social Media To Market Car-Websites

Social media is an excellent way to promote your business. Social media uses customer interactions and experiences to make more buying decisions than any other form of advertising today. Through eras of Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, social media marketing has proven to be the most cheap and effective method of advertising businesses on-line. Getting close […]